Coffee at The C Shop Cafe


Pat always has fresh home roasted coffee at The C Shop Cafť. Pat has been quietly perfecting his roasting method for several years. He roasts in small batches and as a result the cafť only sells his home roasted coffee brewed. Donít ask for roasted beans. Patís coffee of choice is Colombian Supremo for both espresso and drip roast. Our coffee is grown in Bucaramanga Reagan.


Things Pat has learned about coffee that are important to his customers:
1. Green beans keep well for two years.
2. Roasted coffee keeps only for two weeks.

3. Ground Coffee keeps for two minutes.

4. Brewed coffee should be kept in a thermos pump pot.

5. Keep the espresso machine well tuned and very clean.
6. Coffee is really good for you.

You may want to know that when Pat travels, if he canít find good coffee,
 he does not drink any coffee. He also wants you to know that when you travel
to Birch Bay, you can find really good coffee at The C Shop.